Brand Composition

Midnight Thrust

In Speed We Thrust.

"Midnight Thrust" is a musical composition and video editing project designed to showcase the transformative energy of music in elevating the impact of visual storytelling, particularly in the context of automotive advertising. The composition, created specifically for a fictional car commercial, is structured around a singular climactic arc, gradually building tension before erupting into a dynamic and exhilarating finale. At its core, the composition features a blend of electronic soundscapes meticulously curated to evoke a sense of anticipation and excitement. A heartbeat motif serves as the rhythmic backbone, steadily increasing in tempo to mirror the rising intensity of the visual narrative. This heartbeat seamlessly transitions into a pulsating kick drum, driving the momentum of the composition forward and imbuing it with a sense of urgency and motion. In the accompanying video editing, seamless synchronization between visuals and music heightens the overall sensory experience, drawing viewers into a captivating journey through sleek cityscapes, winding roads, and breathtaking landscapes. As the music reaches its crescendo, the visuals peak in tandem, culminating in a climactic convergence of sound and imagery that leaves a lasting impression.



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