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HIIVE Experience Hotels

A temporary piece of home.

HIIVE Oldenburg belongs to a new generation of hotel and hospitality concepts. The idea is to offer guests more than just a place to stay overnight, but instead to leave them with a lasting experience of the city, the region and the natural environment that is worth more than any souvenir at the end of their stay. A place of well-being that is authentic and warm, cosmopolitan and down-to-earth, inviting and open-hearted at the same time. With "A temporary piece of home." we have developed a brand message that runs consistently through the overall design concept. The beehive as a symbolic metaphor symbolises the closeness to nature and sensitises for an ecological awareness. HIIVE is a place of community for open-minded travellers who appreciate good values and, in addition to inspiration and deceleration, are looking for one thing above all: The feeling of being arrived.


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